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Poll Results: What’s the best way to succeed in Iraq?

The results of last week’s Dakota Voice poll are in. “What’s the best way to succeed in Iraq?” Beef up troop levels in Iraq 20.83% Maintain troop levels in Iraq 4.17% Be more aggressive in finding/eliminating terrorists/insurgents 10.42% Reduce troop levels 6.25% Pull out troops altogether 58.33% It’s good to know there are so many […]

Baby Emilio: Assistance Needed for Funeral Expenses

According to “F.R.I.D.A. , Feminist Response In Disability Activism” blog, Emilio’s Mom needs help with burial expenses. The post entitled, “Emilio Gonzales Passes Away, Saturday, May 19, 2007“(Sunday, May 20, 2007), says, “Catarina Gonzales and her family need help to cover the funeral expenses. Her sister, Dora Gonzales, is receiving donations for assistance. Jerri Ward, […]

Friends, Colleagues React to Klaudt Charges

The Argus Leader also has some reactions from legislators who know Klaudt, including some of his friends. This is obviously going to be very difficult for people who were his friends and family, people who trusted him and thought they knew him. While there remains the possibility that much of this could be false allegations, […]

Examining the Legislative Page Program

The Argus Leader examines the legislative page program: State Sen. Bob Gray said pages shouldn’t be in the lawmakers’ living quarters. “In my mind, there is never a situation where that would be appropriate,” Gray said. But one thing also is clear: There is no written code of conduct forbidding pages from visiting or staying […]

McCain Meltdown on the Senate Floor

NewsMax reports that Senator John McCain (presidential candidate) had a meltdown on the senate floor Thursday over the immigration bill. Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz. and Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, launched into a shouting match during a Thursday Capitol Hill meeting, where reportedly the presidential candidate dropped the “F” word and more. According to reports in […]

Custer State Park Road Trip

My family and I took an afternoon road trip down to Custer State Park for the Open House weekend. Below are a few of the pics I took this afternoon. The first is of an antelope that came very close to the car. The second is one of two buffalo that were scratching their back […]