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Ted Klaudt Feed

South Dakota War College has a link to an affidavit sworn by South Dakota Attorney General Larry Long today, citing specifics of the case and evidence obtained. I agree that, before the law, the accused is innocent until proven guilty. But the forensic computer/email evidence cited in the affidavit, and the admissions of Klaudt as […]

Ignorance of the Flag

WorldNetDaily also features an article on this anti-American Methodist leader who likens the American flag to a Nazi swastika. Only someone ignorant of what our flag means could say, “The presence of a national flag in worship can imply endorsement of national policies which often run counter to the teachings of Jesus Christ and our […]

Giuliani Nomination=Democrat President

From James Dobson on WorldNetDaily, why I’ve said that if Giuliani gets the Republican nomination, we’ll have a Democrat president: Speaking as a private citizen and not on behalf of any organization or party, I cannot, and will not, vote for Rudy Giuliani in 2008. It is an irrevocable decision. If given a Hobson’s – […]

More on Ted Klaudt

So far the Argus Leader as the most detailed account of this despicable report about former state Rep. Ted Klaudt. An excerpt: He’s accused of performing “ovary checks” and “breast exams” on one of the girls under the guise that he was helping her to donate her eggs, according to court records. The article also […]

ACLU Harasses Northern Hills Pregnancy Care Center

More anti-Christian attack from one of the most anti-American and anti-Christian organizations in the country: the ACLU. From the Rapid City Journal: EUGENE, Ore. – The American Civil Liberties Union has asked federal and state officials to investigate whether public money has been used for religious purposes in an abstinence-only sex education program based in […]

Alcohol Sales on Pine Ridge: Gasoline on the Fire

Today the Rapid City Journal examines the question of whether to open Pine Ridge up to alcohol sales, especially in light of alcohol sales right on its border in Whiteclay. Meanwhile, four stores in Whiteclay, Neb. – about two miles south of Pine Ridge village – sell about 4 million cans of beer each year, […]

United Methodist Church Official Calls for Removal of U.S. Flag from Churches

Compares American flag to Nazi Swastika flag WASHINGTON, May 17 /Christian Newswire/ — An official with the Washington, D.C. lobby office of the 8 million member United Methodist Church called this week for the removal of U.S. flags from his denomination’s churches. The Rev. Clayton Childers of the Capitol Hill-based United Methodist Board of Church […]

More Planned Parenthood Clinics Cover Up Child Rape

91% of 800 facilities contacted agreed to conceal statutory rape May 18 /Christian Newswire/ — On Monday, a New London man was indicted in the sexual assault of a 14-year-old girl. Now, a police investigation has uncovered that the child was taken for abortions to the Planned Parenthood clinic Norwich in April, July and September […]

Immigration Compromise Denounced as "Amnesty"

Bill offers immediate legal status to those already in U.S. illegally May 17 /Standard Newswire/ — Republican Senators have compromised the party position on immigration, saying Republicans and Democrats have “reached an immigration deal.” However, fellow conservative Colin Hanna, president of Let Freedom Ring, says this so-called “Grand Compromise” is “Neither grand, nor a compromise. […]

Christian Conformists

Marcia Segelstein, a former CBS producer, has an outstanding guest column at OneNewsNow. In it, she points out that Christians must be rebels in our postmodern culture, if they are going to be true to their religion. She illustrates the “going with the crowd” mentality held by most people these days, whether they call themselves […]

The Worst Kind of Terrorism

From Fox News: The gravest terrorist threat in the world today is Islamophobia, foreign ministers of the Organization of the Islamic Conference said this week. “It is something that has assumed xenophobic proportions,” they said. The ministers described Islamophobia as a deliberate defamation of Islam and discrimination and intolerance against Muslims. They accused Western media […]