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Climatologist Fired for Global Warming Blasphemy

Funny how the “open minded” and “tolerant” Left will tolerate no dissent or deviation or discussion whatsoever from the party line. From a Heartland Institute release: University of Washington climate scientist Mark Albright was dismissed on March 12 from his position as associate state climatologist, just weeks after exposing false claims of shrinking glaciers in […]

14-Year Old’s Abortions Hides Sexual Assault

Again, abortion helps hide the crime of molestation of young girls. From He told police he wanted to keep the child from the girl’s first pregnancy, but that her mother forced her to have an abortion. She later had two more abortions. Thanks, Mom. Abortion not only murders an innocent life, but hurts women […]

Audit of SD Coalition of Schools Approved

According to the Argus Leader, the Legislative Research Council’s Executive Board has signed off an audit of the South Dakota Coalition of Schools called for by Attorney General Larry Long. Long asked for an audit of the books of schools that support the lawsuit and of the coalition. He said it’s illegal for a school […]

Congressional Approval Below 30%

See if the “mainstream” media doesn’t quiet down about Bush’s poll ratings. From Gallup: Twenty-nine percent of Americans approve of Congress, down slightly from last month’s reading (33%) and this year’s high point of 37%, while Bush’s approval rating is holding steady at 33%. If Bush’s low poll ratings have been cited as if to […]

Why Giuliani Will Not Be a Nominee

GUEST COLUMNBy Rev. Rob SchenckFaith and Action, Washington, DC Rudolph Giuliani has a huge problem–and so do all other candidates that approach abortion as he does. Their huge problem are both their obviously untenable moral positions on abortion, as well as the huge number of pro-life activists and our many allies. We just don’t like […]

Governor, you don’t need to be reserved about school reserves, still….

By Gordon Garnos AT ISSUE: Governor Mike Rounds is again complaining about the increased school fund reserves. In a recent Associated Press story he said school officials who are putting extra money into budget reserves instead of teacher salaries or programs and should explain their decision to taxpayers. This is not a new issue. A […]

Close the Gate – The Wish

GUEST COLUMNBY NANCY KRAAYENHOF At the beginning of May I informed my daycare chickens that the television would no longer be turned on until Sesame Street starts at 11:30. That is usually the time when we sit down at the table and color or do crafts while I am starting lunch. I told them I […]

Senate approves bill extending time for ending life support

According to AP writer Kelley Shannon’s article on, “Senate approves bill extending time for ending life support” (May 14, 2007), “AUSTIN — A Texas law that allows hospitals to end life support after a 10-day notice for patients deemed medically futile would be changed to give patients’ families more time under legislation the Senate […]