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Sex Talk in Church

From the Akron Beacon Journal: “The more culture becomes frank and crude about sexuality, it becomes more and more appropriate for the church to address the issue of sexuality,” Paris said. “The church can address the issue in a healthy, dignifying and respectful way and we need to be proactive rather than reactive to what […]

New Sale Price on Global Warming Snake Oil

From The Independent: The core of the report is the calculation of how much CO2 can be cost-effectively reduced at a given level for the price. If the price were at $20 a tonne by 2030, the report says, emissions could be cost-effectively cut back by up to 17 billion tonnes of greenhouse gases per […]

Gays for Giuliani

From the Boston Globe: DENVER –Rudy Giuliani emerged as a favorite among many members of the GOP’s largest gay organization, who cited his record on social issues, taxes and defense. However, delegates to the Log Cabin Republicans annual convention said Friday they also fear that the former New York mayor, in his bid to capture […]