Homosexual "Marriage" Tactics Change

According to an NPR report, advocates of homosexual “marriage” are shifting to a long-range strategy:

Rather than challenging marriage statutes straight on, gay-marriage advocates are trying to win incremental rights, such as domestic partnership benefits, or hospital-visitation rights.

In doing this, they will build a certain level of acceptance in many people’s minds (just like the frog in boiling water), until the general populace becomes ready to accept it on a larger scale.

They may also, once enough states implement something like “marriage-lite,” play the “Full Faith and Credit Clause” card (Article 1, Section 1, U.S. Constitution) or the “Equal Protection Clause” card (14th Amendment, U.S. Constitution) to force it on the entire country. Remember, if you boil the frog slowly, he’ll put up with the heat until it gets him.

Another factor helpful to this long-term strategy:

A Pew Forum poll last year found that 70 percent of people older than 50 still oppose gay marriage. But more than half of those polled who were younger than 30 said that gay marriage should be the law of the land.

In other words, homosexual activists will just wait it out until all those old fogies who believe God meant what He said about homosexuality die off.

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