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Kids and Climate Change

Some balanced advice from Rapid City meteorologist Chris Orr in his Rapid City Journal (dead-tree edition) column today: I think we are too transparent with young children about some issues, global warming being one of them. Sure, teach them to fight pollution and not waste energy; but teaching a kid that the Earth will be […]

How the Allies Saved Hitler

If you’re a history buff, there’s a very interesting story about World War II today in today’s Scotsman (HT to WorldNetDaily): Major General Henning von Tresckow created a new force of around 20,000 troops based in German-controlled territory in the east, telling High Command it was needed to protect against a potential revolt by slave […]

Normal, Natural and Healthy?

From the San Francisco Chronicle: Bay Area doctors are leading a campaign to bring gay men into their offices for a basic exam that women have been enduring for decades — the Pap test. The goal is to push back rising rates of anal cancer, a preventable disease that has increased 37 percent in the […]

Too Much Balance in the Media

From Cosmos: MELBOURNE: Airing the views of climate change sceptics in the media may only be serving to keep the global warming controversy boiling, argue scientists. What were they thinkin’? Don’t they realize we need to get on about the work of crippling capitalism and the West? The media needs to get its act together […]

Media: America, the Enemy

From the New York Times: MOSCOW, April 21 — At their first meeting with journalists since taking over Russia’s largest independent radio news network, the managers had startling news of their own: from now on, they said, at least 50 percent of the reports about Russia must be “positive.” In addition, opposition leaders could not […]

America Founded to Spread the Gospel

WorldNetDaily carries a story today about how after the revisionism at historic Jamestown, Virginia was exposed, tour guides are once again acknowledging our Christian heritage, even the fact that the reason this colony was established was to spread the Gospel: “The first motivation mentioned in the 1606 charter is to spread the Christian religion. The […]

Celebrating Earth Day: A Gore for All Seasons

[The Patriot Post (PatriotPost.US)]