Christian Concerns About Socialized Medicine

From OneNewsNow, Dr. David Stevens of the Christian Medical Association points out some concerns Christians might have under socialized medicine:

Christians may have limited recourse with regard to moral and ethical issues in health care coverage after government mandates are in effect. He says that could become a serious concern for believers if they find those mandates often clash with Christian ethics and morality over issues such as abortion, stem cell research, and cloning.

In other words, if you don’t like it that your health care coverage pays for abortions, etc., and you don’t want to be a part of that…tough. You have nowhere else to go; you can’t switch to another insurance provider.

He also points out some of the practical considerations reasons why government health care is a money-pit:

“Physicians were more concerned, especially in the early 90s, about increasing government control of health care and the bureaucracy that would result,” the doctor says — bureacracy, he emphasizes, that may add up to 30 to 50 percent of health care costs and that makes decisions instead of giving patients choices in their health care coverage.

Finally, the article points out why socialized medicine always becomes a bloated, inefficient and “uncaring” health “care” system in a nationalized environment:

And there are other built-in problems in play when there is no competition for the best health care services, Stevens contends. “At least now there’s competition between insurance companies,” he says, “and so if our organization’s not getting the type of service they need from an insurance company, you can go find another one.”

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