British Navy: Headed for "Coastal Defense Force" Status

This is scary.

From Fred Thompson at National Review Online:

Blair is threatening to escalate to a “different phase,” but Iran’s leadership knows something that most Americans don’t. Two months ago, Britain’s government announced plans to mothball almost half its naval fleet due to defense-budget cuts. Much of its existing navy is already so degraded; it would take over a year to get into action. According to the British newspaper, the Daily Telegraph, senior naval officers say that the cuts “will turn Britain’s once-proud Navy into nothing more than a coastal defense force.”

In fact, the British naval forces have been so neglected; the U.K. probably couldn’t pull off the Falkland Islands mission today. The world’s fifth-largest economy now supports an army that ranks 28th in size.

What are they thinking?

I remember the Falkland Islands conflict; it wasn’t a stunning military exercise, either.

Britain is our only reliable ally, making this chilling both for them and for us.

And, given the chance, it’s what Democrats in Congress (or in the White House in 2008) would do to us.

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