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Quality of Life Requirements Lead to Execution of Defective Life Forms

Anyone who knows me, and many who don’t, knows my feelings about “Quality of Life” judgments that lead to the “Obligated Death” requirement syndrome now implanted into our society. How did that happen? Where were we when that mentality came into our lives and took over what was once called humanity? Where were we indeed? […]

Texas: Brief Reprieve for Little Emilio Gonzales

According to News 8 Austin ( Mother gets more time to find new hospital for dying son , March 21, 2007 , 11:30 AM ) , little Emilio, the toddler that was scheduled to be executed under the Texas Futile Care Law on Friday, March 23, 2007, has been given a reprieve. It appears the […]

Destructive Compassion

Dennis Prager’s latest column is (as usual) excellent! It points out how utterly stupid our politically correct ideas of compassion have become–and how destructive they are. Prager tells about a friend who attended his son’s baseball game: His son’s team was winning 24-7 as the game entered the last inning. When he looked up at […]

Creation Science Seminar Coming to Rapid City

The Black Hills Creation Science Association (I was once on the board until I resigned to pursue other endeavors) is hosting an Answers in Genesis creation seminar March 30-31. You can read about it and some background regarding the science/creation/naturalism debate in today’s Rapid City Journal column. If he hasn’t already read it, I’m sure […]

Editorial: Europe – Thy Name is Cowardice

The op/ed below was emailed to me by my e-friend Paul Scates who shares his fantastic writing with the readers of Dakota Voice. Paul said he checked Snopes for its veracity. I also checked and found it referenced in the Derby Reporter, which says it was written by a German citizen and published in Germany’s […]