Erase All Traces of Religion from Public View

The anti-religious hysteria is really, REALLY getting old.

WorldNetDaily features a story today of some atheistic wackos who were offended because some Christian school officials in a public school in Florida accidentally left some residue of some prayer oil on a desk after praying in the room–after school hours:

“One of my colleagues said she was told by one of the secretaries it was prayer oil,” he told the newspaper. “I was very offended by that because I’m not a Christian.”

Where does any law in our land–which was founded by Christians on Judeo-Christian principles and values–give you the right to be free from offense?

Here’s how the “incident” happened:

It happened late in the evening on Friday, Feb. 2, after the school was closed for the weekend.

‘It was staff members on their own time who said, ‘Do you mind if we say some prayers for the kids on the Friday night before FCAT, so the kids would do well?” LeDoux told the Times.

An American Civil Liberties Union spokeswoman said the actions crossed the line, because Christians were imposing their beliefs on others by leaving prayer oil on the desks for others to see.

‘They did leave tangible evidence of their religious activity, and that was troubling to people,’ said Rebecca Steele.

Oh my! “Tangible evidence of religious activity!” How despicable!

Some of these same people want to teach children all sorts of perverted sexual behavior (have you seen some of the materials used in health/sex education classes these days), tell students that the scientifically laughable idea of evolution is real, and give them every reason to believe that their faith–if they still have any–is something to be ashamed of and kept compartmentalized on Sunday morning inside a church building.

By the way, these Christians were praying that the students would do well on upcoming tests. With idiots like those complainers teaching our children and running a large segment of our country, kids are going to need all the prayers they can get!

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