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Inside Bay Area – Cronkite opposes religious influence

Here’s a classic example of Marxist double-speak. It’s so brazen, it could have come right out of something George Orwell wrote. From Alarmed by what they see as religious groups’ growing influence on government policy, a consortium has launched a public awareness campaign to defend the First Amendment’s vow that ‘Congress shall make no […]

Cracker Barrel Today in Rapid City

I’ll be leaving shortly for the final Rapid City cracker barrel today at the School of Mines. I should be able to stay for the whole thing this time. My daughter is skipping ju-jitsu lessons today for a Girl Scout photography outing (it’s a pity how cloistered these homeschool kids are, you know 🙂 )that […]

British study links miscarriages to abortion

The pro-life movement said last year that abortion causes a lot of problems for women, and greater risk of miscarriage with subsequent pregnancies was one of them. This form One News Now: The results are from research, conducted by Noreen Maconochie and a team from the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, in which […]

An Example of Avoiding the Problem

There’s an interesting retort by Doris Marie Strom in the Rapid City Journal today to my column about preschool a few weeks ago. Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately for me, since she illustrates what I said about people not wanting to deal with the root cause of the problem), the writer just pooh-poohs what I said […]

Porn for Kids at the Library

Your tax dollars at work, providing porn for children in the Rapid City public library. From KOTA: As the mother of a teen girl, Mary Ford found herself turning the pages of a book, unable to believe her eyes. ‘There were naked bodies. Naked bodies in sexual positions,’ Ford said. And the more she saw, […]

Madeleine Albright on Moral Authority

The chuckles continue. From Newsmax: Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright said Thursday that through the war in Iraq the United States has lost its moral authority A former Clinton administration official talking about “moral” authority. The laugh track just keeps on rollin’…

Legislating Hand Washing

How far is this nanny-state garbage going to go? From Fox News: On Thursday, the Illinois House passed a bill, 100-14, from Rep. Mary Flowers, a Democrat from Chicago, that would require Chicago Public School school officials to ensure students wash their hands with antiseptic before meals at school, reported The Chicago Sun Times. Are […]

OK for Schools to Promote Homosexuality

Need another reason to take your child out of public school? Well, you have yet another reason. A federal judge ruled today that you, as a parent, have no right to know if the school is teaching your child that homosexuality is normal, natural and healthy. From One News Now: In his ruling, Wolf said […]

No Global Warming in Hurricanes

Hurricane expert Chris Landsea, the science and operations director of the National Hurricane Center in Miami, debunks the mythical connection between hurricanes and global warming. He says in today’s Myrtle Beach Online: Further study continues to show that hurricane activity occurs in cycles of 20 to 45 years, he said. Even though the seasons of […]