A Look at the New South Dakota Abortion Ban Bill

Pat Powers at the South Dakota War College has an exclusive preview of the new abortion bill expected to hit the streets today.

I only had time to quickly look it over (he has a pdf copy of the new bill, which isn’t expected to change from the version he has), but it appears that while there were some changes from what I saw Friday, none were substantial changes.

Pat also got a chance to sit down with four of the main proponents of the bill. An excerpt of Pat’s conversation with Rep. Gordon Howe (which says it well for those who, like me, wish we could get the whole enchilada, but need to be patient):

Howie opined that in a fire where two trucks are dispatched, “when the first fire truck arrives, they don’t wait for the second to pull people out of a burning building. What this bill is, is a good start.” Gordon also noted the position of the Sioux Falls’ Diocese Bishop noting that it was acceptable to pass measures that aren’t a total ban in order to do the greatest good possible at the time.

According to the 2005 Health Dept. statistics, there were 805 abortions in South Dakota that year. Using those same numbers, this bill could save 773 of them. Since the voters as a group last November wouldn’t save all 805, I’ll take the 773 if I can get them.

Go read the link he has to the bill draft, and details of his conversation with four of the representatives behind the bill.

Great job, Pat!!!

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