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Opposition to South Dakota Abortion Ban Goes Negative, Deceptive

TV ad claims "no options" for rape/incest victims despite Section 3 emergency contraceptive provision

SIOUX FALLS, South Dakota--The opponents of Referred Law 6 chose to open their television ad campaign today with a negative, inaccurate advertisement.

Despite the ad’s claims that victims of rape and incest would have “no options” after the passage of Referred Law 6, the fact is Referred Law 6 preserves the best options available today for victims of rape and incest.

Medical care to prevent pregnancy, care to detect and treat sexually transmitted disease, and care to assist victims in dealing with the mental health issues involved in an assault all remain legal under Referred Law 6.

Further, since Referred Law 6 was put on the ballot, women have been given the additional option of over the counter sales of the so-called “morning after pill”.

“The opponents of Referred Law 6 are dishonest about the options available to rape and incest victims,” said Leslee Unruh, Campaign Manager of the VoteYesForLife.com campaign. “Their message that abortion is the only option available to victims of rape and incest is dishonest. It is harmful to women who need to know the truth. They exploit those victims to protect the abortion industry,” Unruh said.

Further, the ad falsely claims that a mother whose health would be seriously threatened would have no options. Just as a pregnant woman today would take her unborn baby’s life into consideration when discussing treatment options with her doctor, so under Referred Law 6 the baby’s life must be considered as a factor in choosing the best treatment option for the mother. And, in cases where a mother’s life is at stake, Referred Law 6 allows abortions.

“Again, on the issue of medical care for pregnant women with health problems, those who support legal abortion in South Dakota blur the truth to further their cause,” said Unruh.

The so-called South Dakota Campaign for Healthy Families is trying to exploit women who have suffered sexual assault or serious health issues in order to protect the abortion industry in South Dakota. They are silent about the 95% of abortions that have nothing to do with rape and incest or the health of the mother. VoteYesForLife.com believes South Dakota women and South Dakota voters deserve better.


VoteYesForLife.com campaigns on behalf of Referred Law 6. The campaign organized in 2006 to support HB 1215, the Women’s Health and Human Life Protection Act.


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