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Motherís Day 2006: A Call to Catholic Action

LINCOLN, Nebraska, March 25 -- On May 14, 2006, the Family Life Office of the Diocese of Lincoln, NE, and The Leaven, a Catholic lay apostolate, will co-sponsor a grassroots-inspired celebration in honor of the spiritual maternity inherent to the unique, feminine nature and vocation of women.

Project Motherís Day 2006 will feature keynote speaker Colleen Hammond, author of rapidly-selling Dressing With Dignity (www.DressingWithDignity.blogspot.com). The fashion show event will include petitions to merchants, asking them to provide tastefully feminine, modest clothing for women and their daughters.

"Secular sexuality vis a vis immodest fashions, contraception, and abortion make a mockery of women. Though I always knew that immodest fashions were insulting, it wasnít until I read Colleenís book that I realized immodest fashions are tied to a multi-faceted affront to our sacred dignity," says Juliana Davis, co-founder of The Leaven.

On her blog, former model and Weather Channel anchor Hammond highlights only top designersí fashions which demonstrate that modesty doesnít mean looking unisex, manly, or boring. Her concept of feminine design meshes with the philosophy of recently canonized feminist Edith Stein, whose book, Woman, describes the uniquely distinct character of feminine gender.

Juliana and Alton Davis founded The Leaven in 1987 to promote the joyful truth of Paul VIís 1968 encyclical Humanae Vitae (On Human Life). "Meeting Colleen Hammond and additionally, Dr. Dominic Pedulla, founder of The Edith Stein Foundation, has changed the way we view our apostolate. In Steinís work, Dr. Pedulla has realized an explanation for the impact of birth control on womenís health, holistically. (www.the-edith-stein- foundation.com)." spokesperson Davis believes.

"Dr. Pedulla does for Humanae Vitae what St. Luke, also a physician, does for the Gospels. The encyclical isnít a handy instruction manual that people will just pick up and read. When women read his observations, we realize that thatís precisely the way we feel, but we didnít know why until we heard it from a laymanís perspective. He puts things in terms that meet us where we live," the feminine Davis believes.

Sponsors planned the event for Motherís Day in hopes that others will take similar public initiatives nationwide to celebrate and defend the beauty of womanhood in honor of Mary, the Mother of Jesus. Theyíve chosen St. Edith Stein and Our Lady of Guadalupe as patronesses for its success.


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