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Hollywood Sinks to New, All-Time Moral Low to 'Homosexualize' America

HUNTINGTON, Conn. Jan. 17 /Christian Newswire/ -- Stephen Bennett, Host of Straight Talk Radio, a national daily half-hour conservative talk show, said this time Hollywood has gone way too far.

"Hollywood has sunk to an all-time moral low. I guess 2006 will be known as 'The Year of the Homosexual' in Hollywood. With 'Brokeback Mountain,' 'TransAmerica' and 'Capote' winning several major 'gender-bender' Golden Globes - Hollywood is no doubt 'out' on a mission to 'homosexualize' America," said Stephen.

Bennett, a former homosexual of 11 years along with his wife and co-host Irene, led the charge in sounding the alarm nationally on "Brokeback Mountain" upon its release this past December.

Stephen isn't surprised though at all about last night's celebration of homosexuality and transsexuality at the Golden Globe. He says in Hollywood today, anything other than heterosexuality is "chic."

"When Hollywood is pumping out anti-family movies with sexually explicit, twisted and perverse themes that glorify homosexuality, transsexuality and every other kind of sexual immorality - then awards itself for doing so - middle America better take note. Last night, Hollywood exposed its own corrupt agenda." Stephen continued, "With the Oscars just around the corner, don't be surprised this year if you see Hollywood's elite walking down the 'Pink Carpet.'"

Bennett ended, "Conservatives and middle America are frankly sick of having the homosexual agenda continually shoved down our throats by the media."

Stephen's message to Hollywood: "Give it a break - a permanent one."

--------------------- Stephen Bennett and his wife Irene host the daily half-hour radio program "Straight Talk Radio." Stephen is the Special Issues Editor on Homosexuality for The American Family Association and writes commentary on the homosexual agenda for WorldNetDaily.com.

Stephen Bennett is authoring his first book, "I WAS Gay" to be released later this year by a national publisher. Irene has her first series of children's books being published dealing with "gender affirmation," the first children's series of its kind.


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