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Libs are Cheapskates…Unless it’s With Other People’s Money

You might have heard about the 20/20 contest which aired last night. It had a Salvation Army bucket in San Francisco–a bastion of liberalism–and one in humble little Sioux Falls, to see which would collect the most money for charity. I had zero doubts as to which would win. Compared to Charles Dickens’ tale of […]

Why Conservatives Give More to Charity

Human Events has two posts regarding charity and how conservatives are usually more giving than liberals (of their own money, that is). You can read Why Conservatives Give More to Charity and What Is Charity? ‘Who Really Cares’ Explains, both of which are about the book “Who Really Cares?” One thing that makes this information […]

We’re Addicted to Washington’s Financial Cocaine

Sibby has already blogged on Dr. Walter Williams’ excellent column today entitled “Why we love government.” But it’s so on-target, I couldn’t help but add my commendation of Dr. Williams. It’s what separates the so-called “compassion” of liberals–which means reaching into someone else’s pocket to be compassionate to people–as opposed to the compassion that conservatives […]

Study Finds New Evidence that Childhood Family Factors Influence Sexual Orientation

As used to be common knowledge, and many of have continued to say, a new study reveals more evidence that homosexuality is caused by childhood problems with the family. According to the LifeSite article on a Danish study: “Our study provides population-based, prospective evidence that childhood family experiences are important determinants of heterosexual and homosexual […]

Women talk three-times more than men!

According to a Zee News article about the latest study In fact, according to Dr Brizendine, a University of California psychiatrist, women tend to talk almost three times as much as men, with the average woman chalking up 20,000 words in a day – 13,000 words more than the average man. I guess my only […]

Once Again, Abortion Protects Rapists, Molesters

This dirtbag molested his granddaughter…and more than 60 other children. The granddaughter became pregnant by her incestuous molester at one point, but guess what: kill the baby and get a free pass! The girl said once she found out she was pregnant, she didn’t know what to do. “At first I didn’t know what to […]

We’re Baaaaack

Made it home after a good Thanksgiving with the in-laws. It was cold where we were in North Dakota, but it looks like we beat the snow. Hope everyone had a blessed Thanksgiving!

Bill May Give Husbands Veto Over Abortion

The Moscow Times reports on an effort in Russia to give fathers a say in whether women can kill their unborn children. What say you, Dear Reader? Do you like the idea? Do you hate it? Are your feelings mixed? Why or why not? If you’d like to sound off on the issue, send an […]

Light Posting for Thanksgiving

Posting at the blog, and, will be very light as the folks at Dakota Voice spend time with their families during Thanksgiving. Remember to give thanks for – Life – Liberty – Prosperity – This wonderful country God has allowed us to live in – For all the troops away from home and in […]

Be Like Europe? No Way!

Economist Dr. Walter Williams has an informative column at WorldNetDaily today, entitled “Should we really copy Europe?” Having lived there, I can answer with an emphatic, “NO!” Dr. Williams offers a few comparisons for why people in this country who look to Europe as a model are either woefully ignorant, or just plain idiots: Government […]

New Tactic In Fighting Marriage Initiatives

The Washington Post has an article featuring how the homosexuals and their “useful idiot” apologists in Arizona were the first and only ones to defeat a marriage amendment. Here’s one of the effective lies they told: “It’s not a liberal-versus-conservative issue,” said Steve May, a former Republican state representative who is gay and who served […]

Doing what we taught them

Freak dancing. That’s what they call the clothed near-intercourse that goes on in some dancing. Not good even in a night club, but inexcusable at a school function. From ABC: Charles Salter has banned all dances until the kids clean up their act, and now parents and schools from California to Connecticut are cheering. “It’s […]

Why Kill It?

There was an interesting Letter to the Editor in the Rapid City Journal today. It pertains primarily to partial birth abortions, but has applicability to other types of abortions as well. I’d like folks who voted against Referred Law 6 to think it over and answer this question: Why kill it? I would appreciate if […]

Leaving the Wolves Den

Two more Episcopal churches are leaving their denomination over that denomination’s support of homosexuality and radical feminism, among other things. There are still lots of good Christians left in denominations such as the Episcopal church, ELCA Lutherans and some of the other denominations that have chosen the politically correct agenda of men rather than God’s […]

Rudy Doesn’t Make the Grade

I’m hearing more and more about Rudy Giuliani gearing up for a 2008 presidential run. First let me acknowledge and tip my hat to his leadership to New York City (and to an extent, the rest of the country) on 911 and the dark days immediately following. He was decisive at a time when anything […]

Talk About Not Getting It

Some Left wingers have been asking of the still-upbeat pro-life movement “Don’t they get it?” since the defeat of the abortion ban in South Dakota. I have an answer to that one, but perhaps they should look in their own camp before asking that question. From a Sky Valley Journal report on passage of the […]

Fathers and Daughters: Children Aren’t Ornaments

Carrie Lukas has a good piece on the importance of fathers at National Review Online. Our society (through movies, TV shows and commercials) sends the message that fathers are just bunglers at best, who wouldn’t be able to make it out the door in the morning if there wives weren’t there to correct them and […]

Rewriting History

WorldNetDaily features an article today about the ongoing liberal attempt to rewrite history. This is nothing new overall, since they’ve been trying to rewrite America’s Christian heritage out of our history for decades, but it is a very detailed accounting of some of those attempts–and certainly in the running for the most brazen attempt at […]

Sibby’s Right

It pains me to say this, but I have to agree with my friend Sibby on his “When moderation is extreme” post (actually it doesn’t pain me, but I thought the split-second of disorientation it caused you libs would be worth it). 🙂 Sibby is absolutely correct. Truth isn’t built on “warm fuzzies.” Warm fuzzies […]

Fight for Life Goes On

Letters continue to come in to the Rapid City Journal on either side of the Referred Law 6/abortion issue. I know some of them are trickling in from before the election, but it’s obvious that some of them were sent afterward. This issue isn’t going to go away. In the week since the election, I’ve […]

Images from the VoteYesForLife Effort

The loss to HB 1215 was hard to take last night, but you have to play the cards you’re dealt. We knew going into this that we were at a disadvantage. The pro-life position had logic and facts firmly on their side, but the pro-aborts had emotionalism to hang their hat on, and unfortunately when […]

No New Surprises from Polls

Our Editor, Bob Ellis has been at several of the polling places throughout the day and reports back, (as of 3:15 pm) “So far, no inconsistencies or irregularities.” We will continue to watch the polls and furnish updates. Keeep praying and get out with your vote! Greg

Election Coverage

We will be providing election coverage tonight at, and possibly some blogging here, so stay tuned…

Abortion Does Not Unrape the Victim

A recent radio commercial from the folks featuring Rep. Elizabeth Kraus of Rapid City is the most comprehensive yet concise statement I have ever heard addressing concerns about rape/incest and Referred Law 6: This is Elizabeth Kraus, state representative from Rapid City. As a woman, I voted to prohibit most abortions because I care […]

South Dakota MAINstream Coalition Ad

Another ad from the South Dakota MAINstream Coalition in the Rapid City Journal today. For those of you who may have been politically cloistered, when someone from either party tells you their views are “mainstream,” what they’re telling you is that they are a stealth liberal. Bank on it.