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Liberal Radio Air America Files for Bankruptcy

Just like every other liberal idea: bankrupt.

The Shining Light of Marxism

Here’s what Marxism always brings in some form or another: In case you didn’t catch it, this is the satellite image of the Korean peninsula at night that’s been in the news the past couple of days. If you look closely 🙂 you will notice that North Korea (Marxist Communist North, that is) is very […]

Rape Doesn’t Have to Mean More Violence has a short video from Megan Barnett, a young woman I interviewed a few months ago. If you’ve heard about her story, you may recall that she was raped, but decided to keep her baby. She gives the unequivocal answer that it’s the best thing she could have possibly done…unlike many women who are […]

Can We Legislate Morality?

Dr. Mike Adams had an excellent piece on yesterday. It dealt with the often-misunderstood issue of legislating morality, and the fallacy of how “you can’t legislate morality.” Dr. Adams says it well: During the 1990s, liberals stated that legislation designed to cut food stamps was “immoral.” But most liberals also adhere to the belief […]