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Boy Escapes Death Culture

An 11 year old boy has awakened from a two-year coma. He was said to be in a “persistent vegetative state” such as Terri Schiavo was said to be in last year. For two years, Devon slept in a bed in a pediatric nursing home, seemingly unaware of his surroundings until one-day in August when […]

Media Misrepresents Rep. Larry Rhoden

Received an email today from Sandy Rhoden, wife of state House of Representatives Majority Leader Larry Rhoden. Seems someone in the media is misrepresenting Rep. Rhoden’s position on Referred Law 6. To our surprise, the associate press released a very misleading quote and statement about Larry’s position on the exceptions in Ref. Law 6. Once […]

Liberal denial threatens civilization

That title isn’t mine, but the title of a piece written by a liberal about liberals. While I obviously don’t agree with this liberal on much, he does point out an important truth–one that I and many, many other people have been trying to point out since 911 and before. …my correspondence with liberals has […]