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Polls undercount support for marriage

SF Gate has an interesting article which estimates that poll results regarding support for marriage protection amendments are lower than actual opinion. The article says that pre-election polling in several states that have already passed marriage protection amendments low balled estimates by as much as 19 percentage points. Why? While the article cites a factor […]

Study shows abortion triples risk of depression

From the British Evening Standard: Women who have abortions are three times as likely to suffer depression and other mental illness, it emerged yesterday. Senior doctors claim new evidence shows a clear link between abortion and mental health problems in women who previously had no history of such illness. This is part of what […]

Former Abortionist Calls for End to Abortion has a new commercial, and it’s an attention-getter. It features features South Dakota certified OB-GYN Dr. Patti Giebink, who used to perform abortions at the Planned Parenthood clinic in Sioux Falls. She now has a private practice where she cares for mothers and their babies, rather than killing their babies. She says it’s time […]

Anti-Amendment C Position "Absurd"

Below is an article comment on an Argus Leader article on Amendment C. It puts the bogus claims of homosexual activists and their apologists in the proper light, along with good context for the whole issue: I moved from South Dakota to Michigan when I finished college and started my first job. Soon after, I […]

Seeing the Light

Looks like Mr. Blanchard at South Dakota Politics has changed his mind on Amendment C and now supports it, due to the latest display of judicial activism in New Jersey. Hopefully more folks will wake up to the fact that homosexual activists and their “useful idiots” in the judiciary are serious about gutting marriage. While […]

Need Marriage Protection, Now More than Ever

The New Jersey Supreme Court just gave the ole middle finger to marriage today. From the New York Times: The State Supreme Court in New Jersey said today that same-sex couples are entitled to “the same rights and benefits enjoyed by opposite-sex couples under the civil marriage statutes.” Is there now any chance that some […]

The Holy Sacrament of Abortion

I and others have long said that abortion is a sacrament in the religion of secular liberalism. Now we have an admission from the Left to that effect–and not just a “secularist.” From the Rapid City Journal: Rev. Stoebner was among the ministers who donned clerical robes, stoles and collars to declare that Referred Law […]

Doctors who Value Life

From the Rapid City Journal letters page today. Some more of those “crazy” doctors who seem to value life so much: All life importantIn our medical practice, we care for patients of all ages. Some are healthy, some are very sick. Some are young, some very old. Some have serious mental and physical handicaps. Some […]

A Fair Hearing at the FCC?

The Rapid City Journal says today that outgoing state Senator Stan Adelstein has filed a written protest to the FCC, sending a letter to all five commissioners, including his son Jonathan Adelstein. I don’t know his son, but given the power-politics his dad plays, I can only hope that this issue will receive a fair […]

Values Diversions

More values diversions from the Rapid City Journal today in “Candidates talk values in District 33 races.” Democrat candidate Paula Long Fox says “Improving public education would be a top legislative priority for her.” As I said in a previous post, in political circles “improving public education” is a euphemism for throwing more money at […]

Moderate Schmoderate

The Rapid City Journal has an article today calling Dist. 33 Democrat senate candidate Dennis Finch a “moderate Democrat.” The article notes that he opposes abstinence based sex ed and teaching anything other than the religion of evolution. It also says he wants to spend more money on education, which in political circles is a […]

Rape Counselor and Rape Survivor: Abortion Isn’t the Answer

The Forum page of the Rapid City Journal today had an interesting piece from Kelly Patterson, a sexual assault counselor. She speaks from a lot of experience: As many politicians and organizations have presumed to speak for the victims of rape/incest, I wish to address this issue from a very personal perspective, both as a […]

Doctor Poll Doesn’t Represent all Doctors

I know that sometimes the “educated” end up the farthest from truth, but I still found it hard to buy the oft-mentioned poll about doctors who support abortion. Now this letter today from the RC Journal: Biased statistic Dr. Marvin Buehner is misleading the public in his Oct. 7 letter, stating that, “A poll of […]

Minimizing an Event

The Aberdeen News is reporting about 250 people attended the “For Such a Time as This” rally in Aberdeen with Alan Keyes, Rick Scarborough and Laurence White last night. (You may recall, attendance was about 750 in Rapid City Monday night). From what I’m hearing, the reporter, Angela Mettler, must be a victim of the […]

Protect Women from the Horror of Abortion

Another powerful video at is the one featuring Kayla Brandt’s story. Kayla is the one you may have heard on some of the radio commercials. The story she tells in her video is much more detailed…and much more heart-wrenching. As she says, sometimes abortion seems to be the most expedient thing to do at […]

Real Doctors Choose Life

Unlike some doctors around South Dakota who seem to have no problem with killing an unborn child, a group of pro-life doctors has formed to let the public know that not all doctors are willing to turn a blind eye to murder. From the Rapid City Journal: “We are all here as members and representatives […]

Liberal Radio Air America Files for Bankruptcy

Just like every other liberal idea: bankrupt.

The Shining Light of Marxism

Here’s what Marxism always brings in some form or another: In case you didn’t catch it, this is the satellite image of the Korean peninsula at night that’s been in the news the past couple of days. If you look closely 🙂 you will notice that North Korea (Marxist Communist North, that is) is very […]

Rape Doesn’t Have to Mean More Violence has a short video from Megan Barnett, a young woman I interviewed a few months ago. If you’ve heard about her story, you may recall that she was raped, but decided to keep her baby. She gives the unequivocal answer that it’s the best thing she could have possibly done…unlike many women who are […]

Can We Legislate Morality?

Dr. Mike Adams had an excellent piece on yesterday. It dealt with the often-misunderstood issue of legislating morality, and the fallacy of how “you can’t legislate morality.” Dr. Adams says it well: During the 1990s, liberals stated that legislation designed to cut food stamps was “immoral.” But most liberals also adhere to the belief […]

Jesus is not a socialist

WorldNetDaily has a good piece today by Tom Snyder about these idiots who call themselves “Red Letter Christians” (misinterpreting the “red letters” while apparently while ignoring the rest of the Bible). He points out the classic liberal/socialist mistake regarding charity and compassion: God presents us with three general ways in the Bible to take care […]

Stan Adelstein Supports His Party

Here’s how “Republican” Stan Adelstein supports his party—by contributing money and effort to his party’s opposition. From today’s Rapid City Journal: Elli Schwiesow knows what party she belongs to; Stan is apparently very, very confused about where he belongs…

Choice or Coersion

Abortion is all about “choice” right? Or are many women coerced into killing their own children? I guess if we got rid of abortion altogether, we’d get rid of that coercion factor as well. One more good letter from the Rapid City Journal today (boy, those pro-life fanatics were sure out in force today) :-): […]

Not Just Christian

Ooooohh, I guess respect for life isn’t just a Christian value. Yet another good letter to the editor of the Rapid City Journal today: Pro-life record Alone among the ancient societies, the Hebrews regarded abortion as a crime associated with murder. Jewish tradition universally praises those who resisted abortion. In Temple days, Jewish courts punished […]

Not the only one

Apparently I’m not the only one out there who is “intolerant” of clergy who tolerate sin in the name of political correctness. Another letter to the editor of the Rapid City Journal: Word of God Re: Rev. Larry Dahlstrom’s Oct. 4 letter. Neither do I know you personally, nor do I know your church. However, […]