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Pasadena: The Rest of the Story

As I suspected, there was a little more to the story about the liberal Pasadena church under IRS scrutiny for a nonprofit violation. An All Headline News report says Regis says he only said that Jesus would have told President Bush that his preemptive war strategy in Iraq “has led to disaster.” All Saints first […]

South Dakota (Un)Healthy Families Commercial Rebuttal

Received this email this afternoon in response to the new South Dakota Campaign for (Un)Healthy Families TV commercial: RAPE & INCEST: No recourse for women?“Note that the confusion about an exception for rape and incest is due to the fact that the language of the bill does not ‘specifically’ use the words rape and incest… […]

Abortion Blitzkrieg

David Bereit on has an interesting observation on why we’re going through this ballot exercise on the already-passed-by-70%-of-the-legislature abortion ban in South Dakota, instead of just going straight to the pro-abortion lawsuit we might have otherwise expected had the law gone into effect in July as scheduled: When the South Dakota abortion ban was […]

I Agree With a Liberal Church

The world can be a very odd place, at times. For once, I find myself agreeing with a liberal church. I heard about All Saints Episcopal Church in Pasadena in CA yesterday. Every report I’ve been able to find so far says the pastor delivered a sermon on the eve of the 2004 election which […]