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Thune to Vote for Referred Law 6

From the Rapid City Journal today: Despite his belief that any ban on abortion should include exceptions for rape and incest victims, U.S. Sen. John Thune said Friday that, when he steps into the voting booth in November, he will vote in favor of a referred law that does not contain those exceptions. Unlike many […]

The "Bribing You With Your Own Money" Initiative

South Dakota Democrats came out yesterday with their “Common Grounds” initiative. The Rapid City Journal described it as a pledge to cut the growth of state government, increase aid to education and dip into budget reserves to help farmers and ranchers struggling with drought. The article further said They denied that they would raise taxes […]

Negative Learning

This goes along way in explaining the “mainstream” media…and liberal blogs.

Rape and Health Exceptions = No Abortion Reductions

LifeSite features an article today on how the abortion rate among youth is rising in Spain, even as their population declines. This is a topic becoming discussed more and more lately (although in hushed tones), about how the West is driving itself to extinction with the declining birth rate. Far, far more interesting than the […]

Abortion Hypocrites

I think one of the Leftist blogs is gunning for the Hypocrites of the Year award. In the same day the extremists at Coat Hangers at Dawn said We have yet to meet a single person who supports choice who supports late term abortion post viability unless there are severe fetal abnormalities. just a few […]

Abortion Extremists to Protest Woman Who Survived Abortion

It shouldn’t be a surprise to me, yet I found myself shaking my head this morning as I read from the Robbinsdale Radical (a Leftist blog) that the South Dakota (Un)Healthy Families bunch are planning a protest of the Gianna Jessen event coming up Friday. Gianna Jessen is a grown woman who, when she was […] Responds to Misleading Ads

The campaign has responded to the misleading ad being run by South Dakota (Un)Healthy Families which claims there are “no options” for victims of sexual assault and women with health issues. Read about it at the South Dakota War College…

Condoms Don’t Always Stop HPV

AgapePress features a story today on the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) risk; HPV causes gential warts and cervical cancer. Epidemiologist Rachel Winer of the University of Washington School of Public Health found that, even when women used condoms 100 percent of the time, nearly 30 percent of the women contracted the human papilloma virus (HPV) […]

Marriage Amendment Threatens Legal Matters: Lies

The Constitutionally Correct blog has a feature today on the Washington Post’s predictable hatchet job on Virginia’s proposed marriage amendment. Like South Dakota and about 7 other states, Virginia will be voting this November 7 on protecting marriage from being hijacked by homosexual activists. Like they are trying here, they are trying to scare heterosexuals […]

Pasadena: The Rest of the Story

As I suspected, there was a little more to the story about the liberal Pasadena church under IRS scrutiny for a nonprofit violation. An All Headline News report says Regis says he only said that Jesus would have told President Bush that his preemptive war strategy in Iraq “has led to disaster.” All Saints first […]

South Dakota (Un)Healthy Families Commercial Rebuttal

Received this email this afternoon in response to the new South Dakota Campaign for (Un)Healthy Families TV commercial: RAPE & INCEST: No recourse for women?“Note that the confusion about an exception for rape and incest is due to the fact that the language of the bill does not ‘specifically’ use the words rape and incest… […]

Abortion Blitzkrieg

David Bereit on has an interesting observation on why we’re going through this ballot exercise on the already-passed-by-70%-of-the-legislature abortion ban in South Dakota, instead of just going straight to the pro-abortion lawsuit we might have otherwise expected had the law gone into effect in July as scheduled: When the South Dakota abortion ban was […]

I Agree With a Liberal Church

The world can be a very odd place, at times. For once, I find myself agreeing with a liberal church. I heard about All Saints Episcopal Church in Pasadena in CA yesterday. Every report I’ve been able to find so far says the pastor delivered a sermon on the eve of the 2004 election which […]

Pro-Abortionists Consider Children a Threat

The Left wing extremists in the South Dakota blogosphere are all up in arms over a child in a Cat in the Hat suit at the press conference put on yesterday by South Dakota (Un)Healthy Families. The child was handing out fliers that show respect for human life, and when asked why he was there, […]

Charity: Whose Job Is it?

Dr. Walter Williams has another good column out today which examines Constitution Day which is coming up on Sept. 17. A good thing right? Good except for the hypocrisy of many who passed the bill creating the official day: Let’s examine just a few statements by the framers to see just how much faith and […]

Communist Abortionists?

The South Dakota War College has a post about Planned Parenthood Potlucks. I have to agree with a “What’s that all about???” I seem to recall a story about the cannibalistic abortionist Krishna Rajanna a year or two ago, but surely this is unrelated. Something struck me as extremely odd, though, as I read through […]

More Pot Calling the Kettle Black

If you haven’t already done so, you should check out the new “Constitutionally Correct” blog from the Alliance Defense Fund. ADF is the legal group that protects Christians from the usurpation of their First Amendment rights which is becoming more common these days. The latest post is about how the Left is once again trying […]

Recycling the Same Old Fear

Pro-abortionists are recycling the same old fear-mongering files. The Argus Leader wheels out the same old scare tactics they’ve been trying for the past year: “The taxpayers are going to pay for it if this goes to court, and you’d better remember that,’’ Billion said. To put the estimated cost of defending the abortion ban […]

Children Conceived of Rape Testify to Life’s Value

Sibby has a report from the South Dakota Right to Life convention held in Sioux Falls this weekend. Of particular interest was the testimony of several people who were conceived during rapes. One woman, Rebecca Kiessling, says Please understand that whenever you identify yourself as being “pro-choice”, or whenever you make that exception for rape, […]

Someone Emailed This to Me

Pictured: The USS William Jefferson Clinton (CVS1) set sail today from its home port of Vancouver, BC. The US Navy welcomed the latest member of its fleet today. The ship is the first of its kind in the Navy and is a standing legacy to President Bill Clinton “for his foresight in military budget cuts” […]

Argus Leader: A No Free Speech Zone?

Sibby has a post this afternoon about the Sioux Falls Argus Leader’s efforts to get rid of an abortion protester they don’t like. Over the course of Friday morning, three Argus Leader employees called police about Brock’s pickup The Argus has voiced some safety concerns about a truck with anti-abortion signs on it which is […]

Civility to the Point of Being Ineffective

I read an interesting piece at Catholic World News today regarding a recent call by Rapid City Bishop Blase Cupich for civility in the ongoing abortion debate in South Dakota. I don’t necessarily disagree with Bishop Cupich, but at the same time, my thoughts are more in line with those expressed with this piece at […]

Civil Disagreement

It is not a bad thing to disagree. Disagreements are how amicable compromises are found. My wife and I have a strong disagreement on the virtue of football. She hates it so I … turn down the sound. Okay maybe that’s not the best example, but you know what I mean. For the past few […]

Most Rape and Incest Victims Don’t Want Abortion

An aticle on the Committee of Women Pregnant by Sexual Assault (WPSA) points out that most rape victims (70%) choose life for their child, regardless of who the father is or how the child was conceived. Check out my post at to find out more…

Test Raises Questions about Terri Schiavo

An LA Times report reveals brain imaging tests of a woman in a vegetative state indicates she had certain ” mental activity virtually identical to that of healthy people.” Sophisticated brain-imaging techniques suggest that a young woman in a vegetative state five months after a traffic accident had some mental functioning, even though she was […]