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Vandalism Against Pro-Lifers in Brookings

A church in Brookings was vandalized overnight. I guess it was too much to ask of some in the pro-abortion community to be adults and act fairly in this important debate. Someone was so desperate to preserve abortion in South Dakota that they felt they needed to resort to a crime to do it. For […]

The Waiting Game

The National Center for Policy Analysis has an interesting post on the state of socialized medicine: The Vancouver-based Fraser Institute’s “Waiting Your Turn” annual report has documented Canada’s waiting-time crisis in health care for 15 years. In 2005 it found “total waiting time between referral from a general practitioner and treatment, averaged across all 12 […]

Wrong Party

CBS and others are reporting that it wasn’t Libby, Rove or Cheney who “spilled the beans” about Valerie Plame: Former Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage was the first Bush administration to reveal undercover CIA officer Valerie Plame’s name, the New York Times reports. Actually, Robert Novak says Plame was listed in a Who’s Who […]

Getting it in There

Newsbusters highlights the fact that while the liberal media had a block party when Florida Senate candidate Katherine Harris recently said that the myth of “separation of church and state” is a “lie”–which it is–, you can hear the crickets instead of the media howing over Rhode Island liberal Lincoln Chaffe’s whopper: Lincoln Chafee: “Rhode […]

Scientists Prove Global Warming (12 Million Years Ago)

From AP and Yahoo News: A 30-mile maze canyons in Antarctica was carved out of bedrock by the catastrophic draining of subglacial lakes during global warming between 12 million and 14 million years ago Those pre-humans must have been driving too many SUVs 12 million years ago. Darn them! Didn’t they care about the planet? […]


It’s an impossible task when the Left is going to try to distort everything you say, but let me be as clear as possible for anyone interested in the truth (which incidentally doesn’t include the pro-abortion Left). I do some blogging for I don’t work for them. I don’t get paid by them, I’m […]

More Deception from Progressives

McChesney is telling more fibs. The latest blog post says my comments last night were posted in their entirety. Funny, I checked and even refreshed the page before making my response today…and they weren’t there…but now they are. What a magic act! I’ll let my lastest comment speak for itself (hope it gets posted there): […]

Mainstream or Leftstream?

Aberdeen News has a piece on the South Dakota Mainstream Coalition coming out in the open about where they stand on several issues. Is it any surprise to anyone that the South Dakota “Mainstream” Coalition would be against: – banning abortion – stabilizing property taxes – protecting marriage from homosexual activists

Response to Charge: No Rape Exception in Abortion Ban

Theron McChesney is claiming I said in a comment to the SD Progressive blog that there is no exception for rape in Referred Law 6. That’s not what I said. I said there were no “broader” exceptions (i.e. one that would make the bill meaningless. (Public school grads may want to look up the definition […]

Pro-Abortion Vision for the World

The blog has a vision of the “Planned Parenthood Paradise.” Beware: you too might be in the crosshairs…

Abortion Hides Sex Crimes?

That’s what a probe in Kansas is investigating. Read more at the blog.

Respect for Life?

World Magazine reports on the kind of mentality we’re dealing with in the abortion industry. It involves the Florida case of an 18 year old woman who walked into an abortion clinic to abort baby at 23 weeks development. While waiting for the abortionist, the woman instead gave birth to her child: The girl delivered […]

More Double Speak from the Left

According to a piece from Catholic Online, Ned Lamont (the Vietnam flower-child retread who defeated Joe Lieberman in the Dem primary in Connecticut) and the Left want to revive the concept of the “common good” for today’s voters. I couldn’t agree more that this concept needs to be revived. But coming from a man who […]

Unsubstantiated Lies from the Pro-Abortion Left

A couple of the far-Left South Dakota blogs have been posting allegations the past few days that a polling company hired by the folks has ties to pornography. I’m not into throwing up a smokescreen when there’s a potential problem, even on my side of the political aisle, so I checked it out. While […]

Homosexuals Had Help Undermining Marriage

From AgapePress today on “Scholar Claims Heterosexual Attitudes Have Helped Gay Activists Undermine Marriage:” Several pro-family advocates have noted that heterosexuals’ increasingly casual attitudes about unwed pregnancy, unmarried cohabitation, marital infidelity and other sex outside marriage have helped to undermine the integrity of the traditional marriage and family, even as divorce has done. Many acknowledge […]

Rape Exception, Evidence Optional

From a Sioux City Journal article dated 8/20: But the ban’s critics say such emergency contraception isn’t widely available in South Dakota. They also say many rape and incest survivors don’t report the crime at all — let alone within the short time during which the drugs are effective. The U.S. Justice Department estimates less […]

Would that…

The Rapid City Journal featured a 1,900 word front page piece yesterday with 10 childhood pics and an oversized headline “Portrait of Elijah” (if memory serves, the headline the day after 911 wasn’t that big). I’m wondering when they’ll do a “Portrait of Chester Allan Poage,” his victim. They followed up the next day with […]

Death Penalty Debate Should Tell Us Something

Several Left-wing groups and most of the Leftist blogs in South Dakota are crying about the upcoming execution of convicted murderer Elijah Page, practically begging Governor Rounds to spare his life. I’m reasonably sure that during the two hours Page tortured his “friend” Chester Poage in that stream, Poage probably pleaded for his life, yet […]

The Death Penalty: Doing What We Must

I was doing a little reading last night in a great book called “God and Ronald Reagan” by Paul Kengor, PhD., when I came to a passage about how Ronald Reagan dealt with capital punishment as governor of California. Reagan was a deeply Christian man (though Reagan is my greatest hero, even I didn’t realize […]

Prejudiced Against Finding the Truth?

The Answers in Genesis website features an interesting article today entitled “Inherit the Prejudice.”  The author tells how he grew up not liking Christians and that he found a lot of seeming inconsistencies in the world.  While my case wasn’t nearly as extensive as his, I can relate to a number of his thoughts: I […]

"Silent Siege" in Sioux Falls

I was just speaking with Matt Lockett of Bound4Life for an article in the upcoming edition of Dakota Voice and he told me that his group is having a “silent seige” at Planned Parenthood in Sioux Falls tomorrow, Saturday Aug. 12. Those who love life and want to defend it at all stages of development […]

Gore Not as Green as Advertised

According to a USA Today post today, environmental extremist Al Gore isn’t as green as he would have us believe. While the article assures us he uses “renewable energy credits” to offset the “damage” to the environment done by his flying all over the globe in a private plane, other aspects of his lifestyle belay […]

Billion Brothers Redux

Something else about that story of the Billion brothers’ disagreement on abortion today struck me crossways. Jack Billion said he respects his brother’s opinion and his ability to make decisions for himself. “I don’t know if necessarily he should be making decisions for the whole state,” he said. As much as any person can in […]

Billion and Brother Disagree on Abortion

Democrat candidate for governor Jack Billion and his doctor brother Stephen apparently disagree on whether Referred Law 6 (HB 1215) is a good idea. Go to the blog for more info… Blog

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