Abortion Analogy

Dr. Mike Adams has a very humorous (as usual) piece on feminism today.

He makes a very interesting and telling analogy about abortion in the piece:

I often ask feminists about a film I saw of a fetus in the so-called “first trimester” of development. The baby (sorry, that is my opinion) was yawning, rubbing its eyes, and even rolling around and playing in the womb. I like to ask feminists whether they have ever seen a scab yawn.

When I press them on the issue, they seldom admit that the fetus is a person. But they seldom state unequivocally that it is not. They usually say they “don’t know for sure.” And they say that I “don’t know for sure” either.

That really epitomizes our differences. When I know it is a deer in the brush, I pull the trigger. When I know it is a human, I hold my fire. When I don’t know, I also hold my fire.

The feminist who “doesn’t know” whether it is a person, has the abortion anyway. She just pulls the trigger. That really says it all, doesn’t it?

For anyone out there who knows hunting and/or firearms safety, this is a very telling example. It’s a cardinal rule of handling firearms.

It’s also a principle that should come naturally to any reasonable human being when dealing with something that could affect the life of another human being…

7 Responses to “Abortion Analogy”

  1. If you are going to ban abortion, you need to promote other forms of contraception. People have been performing abortions for centuries and laws won’t prevent it, only cheap accessible contraception.

  2. Law won’t prevent all abortions, but it will prevent many.

    The same analogy could be made that law won’t stop all rapes, so we shouldn’t make rape illegal.

    Rubbers are already pretty cheap, but many people still opt to use nothing. And even the best contraception isn’t 100%.

    In the end, banning abortion is about banning the murder of people in their mother’s wombs.

  3. When I see something moving in the brush, I pull the trigger. It might be a bird, or it might be an old Republican banker, but old men are about to die anyway, so I go ahead and shoot.

    (just signing in as Anonymous as I am in Federal Government and can’t use my real name).

  4. A first trimester fetus is undifferentiated cells…it can’t “yawn” or “roll around” in the womb. That’s either ignorance or malicious lying.

    And it’s the woman’s body: doens’t matter if it’s a life or not. I don’t get to take a kidney from someone else to save my life, I don’t see why a fetus should get the use of someone else’s body.

  5. Cassandra, I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and attribute ignorance, as oppose to willful stupidity, but check out http://www.vanderbilt.edu/SFL/3dultrasound.htm; one of many places where you can see visual proof that the first trimester child is a little more than “undifferentiated cells.”

    The fetus gets to “use” the mother’s body because that’s a biological fact of life. I know feminists have a hard time with that, but hating reality isn’t going to change it one iota, any more than hating the ticket you get for doing 75 in a 55 MPH zone isn’t going to change reality.

    By the way, I have more bad news for you: you ain’t no goddess. There’s only one God, and He’s the author of all life, and human life is created in His image.

  6. It’s useless, Bob – as do most pro-abortionists, she will no doubt squeal “FAKE”. Anything which disputes their stand is either fake, lie, fantasy or pure craziness.

    What gets my goat is all these women who scream “equal rights”, yet under their breath saying, “on my terms only.” Could you imagine a society where equal really means equal? If a woman has the “right” to choose whether or not her body will house an unborn child based on the lame idea that if she doesn’t want it, she shouldn’t be forced have it — then shouldn’t a man share that same equal right to tell a woman she is not allowed to carry “his” child in her body, legally force her to terminate the pregnancy if he took all necessary precautions to avoid it or even be allowed to end the life of the woman because of his own right to choose who/what will invade his life, property, finances, etc.? Show me one woman who would ever stand up and take personal responsibility for her own actions in the case of an unintended pregnancy. Show me one woman who would ever step up to the plate and say, “Well, he didn’t want a child and used a condom – isn’t his fault it failed and while he wants me to have an abortion now, I choose to relieve him of any/all responsibility and have the child on my own.” It wouldn’t happen — and the legal system would force him to take full responsibility for the child DESPITE his not wanting it and doing everything in his power short of abstinence to prevent pregnancy.

  7. Yes, the inconsistency is one of the more humorous aspects of an otherwise deadly issue